ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Project partners

Here you can find the list of partners that participated in (one of the) ITEA projects.

Name Country Type Projects
Virtual Power Solutions, S.A. Portugal sme 1
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH Austria res 3
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH Germany res 1
VirtualWare Spain ind 1
VisionWare - Sistemas de Informação, S.A. Portugal sme 1
Visual Tools Spain sme 9
Visy Oy Finland sme 1
VitalSignum Oy Finland sme 1
Vitarex Studio Ltd Hungary sme 1
VividWorks Finland sme 1
Vodafone Spain ind 2
Vodafone Omnitel Italy ind 1
Volkswagen A.G. Germany ind 4
Volvo Sweden ind 8
Volvo Car Corporation Sweden ind 1
Volvo Personvagnar AB Sweden ind 1
Volvo Technology AB Sweden ind 1
Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium uni 9
W4 S.A. France sme 1
WISEWARE Portugal sme 2
WISUR Austria sme 1
WU Vienna Austria uni 1
WWP-Systeme GmbH Germany sme 1
Walsh Integrated Canada sme 1
Wapice Ltd. Finland ind 3
WareValley Korea, Republic of sme 1
Wealize, SL Spain sme 1
Web-IQ B.V. Netherlands sme 1
Westcast Systems France sme 1
WhileOnTheMove Finland sme 1
Whitestein Technologies A.G. Switzerland sme 1
Wiktio Finland sme 1
WinTrust Portugal sme 1
Wincor Nixdorf Spain ind 1
WithSecure Finland ind 1
WithSecure Corporation Finland ind 6
Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH Austria ind 1
Wolfram MathCore AB Sweden sme 2
Wooam Inc Korea, Republic of sme 1
Woorisoft Inc. Korea, Republic of sme 2
Workforce Optimizer Singapore sme 1
X-COM BASE Praha Czech Republic sme 1
XCO Tech Inc. Canada sme 3
XRG Simulation GmbH Germany sme 2
XandMail France sme 1
Xavis Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic of sme 1
XediX France sme 1
Xipp France sme 1
Xtreme-Integrations Belgium sme 1
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