ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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ITEA Smart City Advisory Board

To create a dialogue between cities and new Smart Cities technology developers, ITEA has established the Smart City Advisory Board.

This Advisory Board will serve municipalities to share immediate needs to experts of technologies in the ITEA Community, be informed on a regular basis on the innovation and digital technology trends that can impact their city, validate and shape any potential products, offering added value for Smart City applications, that are being developed in an ITEA project, access the newest products that are developed in ITEA projects, discuss issues with peers from other cities and be the pioneer of change in their cities by using an open community compatible with the public procurement laws.

This Advisory Board will serve the ITEA Community to understand the urgent needs of municipalities, validate their potential products that are developed in ITEA projects and their features at an early stage and exploit their products to municipalities at the end of an ITEA project in the context of usual public procurement rules.

The aim of the SCAB portal is to bring the Smart city challenges and innovative Smart City solutions of the SCAB members and the ITEA Community together in one place.

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Participating cities SCAB


City of Antwerp

Emilie Couwenberg

City of Brno

Martin Dvořák

City of Dortmund

Jan Fritz Rettberg

City of Ghent

Bart Rosseau

City of Istanbul

Mesut Kızıl

City of Stockholm

Camilla Wikström

City of Tampere

Jari Ahola

City of Zaragoza

Daniel Sarasa


Smart City challenges

Here you can find the websites with tender information per SCAB city:

City of Antwerp (Dutch)
City of Antwerp (English)
City of Stockholm (English)
City of Stockholm (Swedish)


Latest Smart City news

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Smart City solutions

Cyclomedia Mobility pack
Data is the foundation of a smart city. The Mobility pack provides you with the data that provides insight on the status quo in your city. How many traffic signs, road markings, traffic lights, street lights, parking lots, cycle lanes and e-charging stations do you have? What condition are they in? And where exactly are they located? Essential information for a pro-active approach to improve a city infrastructure and to adapt to new ways of transportation.
IoT-Ignite Platform
It's a multi-layered platform technology that serves big data, analytics, machine learning and AI. It is highly scalable for large and wide deployments to provide connectivity management, device and service provisioning, device management, control, service automation, end edge computing with real-time visibility and optimisation tools.
Nommon Population Insights
Nommon Population Insights provides indicators on the distribution of people in a given area and its evolution over time, including visitor profiling (e.g., age, gender, income, home location) and visit type (e.g. visit purpose, frequency, length of stay). The solution exploits anonymised mobile network data, which offers detailed information about the activity patterns of large-scale, well-distributed samples of the whole population, without the need to deploy expensive sensorisation solutions.
Smart City Platform
Smart City Platform including a web app for city authorities making decisions on the urban mobility planning, which provides seven-day predictions about pollution and traffic status based on municipal open data and simulation of pollution scenarios and an android mobile application for citizens which provides real-time recommendations about pollution and mobility and traffic accident risk prediction based on deep learning techniques..
Smart Data Visualisation System for Energy Consumption Optimisation
Web application focused on helping consumers to make decisions and optimise the energy consumption and cost for a long term. Main features are as follows:
- Consumed energy predictions and energy cost predictions for a long term based on DL algorithms
- Valuable recommendations based on the above-mentioned predictions to help consumers to make decisions
- Dashboard to visualize all kind of data related to the energy consumption
Smart Logbook
NautilusLog is a ShipTech start-up that adapted to the needs of the maritime industry and helps the maritime market to combine the mandatory reports and tracking with innovative technology.
NautilusLog replaces the paper with a digital logbook by collecting the data and transferring them into added value via integrated know-how in the maritime industry with our smart data engine.
We enable new digital collaborations, automation as well as efficient compliance with legally required requirements

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ITEA Smart City projects

Smart Cities is one of the main challenges of ITEA and therefore there are many ITEA projects solving different Smart City challenges. Below you can find more information about these Smart City-related ITEA projects:

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Smart City events

World Smart City Expo 2022

World Smart City Expo 2022

31 August-02 September 2022
KOR, Seoul

The 2022 World Smart City Expo is the largest smart city event in the Asia-Pacific region where governments, companies, and experts from all over the world in the smart city field come together to create a better city.

Urbis Smart City Fair

Urbis Smart City Fair

20-22 September 2022
CZE, Brno

Urbis Smart City Fair brings together representatives of Central European cities and municipalities and leaders in innovations to share experience, ideas and examples of specific solutions, how to correctly develop a Smart City concept in cities. So that all citizens could live better in them. This year's fair will focus on digitization and transport.

Innopolis Expo 2022

Innopolis Expo 2022

20-21 September 2022
FRA, Paris

Innopolis Expo gives a 360° view of each aspect of the modern-day smart city. This exhibition is a response to the growing need for radical action required to meet global carbon obligations and to best preserve the planet. As such, the expo brings together all relevant players in France such as the public/private sector; local/municipal authorities; industry evangelists; and the sector's most exciting tech companies.

Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress

15-17 November 2022
ESP, Barcelona

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the international leading event for cities with the mission to empower cities and collectivise urban innovation across the globe. Through promoting social innovation, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities, the event is dedicated to creating a better future for cities and their citizens.

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Part of a bigger story

The ultimate goal is of the Smart City Advisory Board is to create a dialogue between cities and new Smart Cities technology developers.

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