ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Challenges & Impact stories

Impact is one of the main ambitions in ITEA. Impact on business, on the market, on society. Without impact, a project will not be successful in ITEA. This is a key value in ITEA, and impact and potential impact are central during the project lifecycle: in project evaluation, monitoring, closure and in communication of the results.

Many ITEA projects have achieved incredible results and most of these successes could not have been achieved without the (financial) support of the national Public Authorities. They have put their trust in these projects and supported them with public funds, making it possible for the project partners to get the most out of it. In return, ITEA is now gathering project impact stories to show in what way they solve key societal challenges and have an impact on business, on the market and on society.

All impact stories will be collected in this ITEA Impact stream. The ITEA Impact stream is a living publication that consists of 2 main elements: 7 main societal challenges and a set of impact stories showcasing the impact highlights of successful ITEA projects.

Create your own personal ITEA Impact stream by choosing the challenges, countries and topics of your interest and be inspired by the results!

Please note that over time more impact stories will be added to the ITEA Impact stream

PARTNER Impact story

Smart Health · 04 December 2023

During a patient’s journey through the health system, his or her medical information is often stored in multiple databases focusing on specific elements of the needed care and the patient’s condition – even within one hospital. These databases generally cannot interact, which makes it impossible to draw up all information belonging to one patient. In addition, information coming from self-monitoring solutions can also be very valuable when integrated with hospital’s data. The PARTNER project has developed an architecture that makes it possible to let different systems, offered by multiple vendors, communicate with each other.
PARTNER project image

VMAP Impact story

Smart Industry · 01 December 2023

A wide range of computer-aided engineering (CAE) software tools already enables virtual material and product design, virtual manufacturing and machining process parameterisation, and virtual product testing of high-tech materials. However, these tools are rarely interoperable and contain multiple native formats for storing the CAE data to be transferred between simulation code. The VMAP project has created the world’s first CAE workflow interface standard for integrating multidisciplinary and multi-software simulation processes in the manufacturing industry and its major result is simple: setting up and adapting workflows in computer-aided engineering is now quicker, easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

STARLIT Impact story

Smart Health · 01 December 2023

The global incidence rate of cancer is expected to grow by 70% over the next two decades, with Radiation Therapy (RT) treatment currently recommended for 52% of new patients. Although radiation oncology has caused a drop in mortality for several cancers, the need remains to reduce side effects. The solution lies in ‘first-time-right’ treatment in which the right dose is given to the tumour while keeping the dose to healthy tissue as low as possible. STARLIT - a follow-up to the award-winning ITEA project SoRTS developed technology to improve treatment accuracy and minimise the unintended dose in image-guided radiation therapy.
STARLIT project image.jpg

TESTOMAT Project Impact story

Smart Engineering · 27 November 2023

In software development, reliability and agility often seem like opposing forces. This issue is aggravated by the increasing complexity of software and the constant drive towards faster release cycles for maximum market impact. The goal of ITEA’s TESTOMAT Project was to allow software teams to increase development speed without sacrificing quality. To achieve this goal, the project advanced the state of the art in test automation for software teams, moving towards a more agile and automated development process. The project focused on providing software teams with personalised roadmaps for improving their automated testing in a cost-efficient manner.

APPSTACLE Impact story

Smart Mobility · 01 December 2022

In the automotive domain, there is an increasing demand for software related to services. Although high-end cars now contain hundreds of millions of lines of code, development takes place in silos. To meet consumer needs at this high level of complexity while avoiding ‘walled’ proprietary solutions from a few monopoly players, a secure, open car-to-cloud and cloud-to-car platform is needed. APPSTACLE, has created such a platform, connecting cars and transportation vehicles to the cloud using hybrid communication technologies for V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication. Eclipse facilities have been used to build an open ecosystem in which security, privacy and identity requirements can be met, allowing the platform to be used in a wide range of vehicles.
APPSTACLE project image.jpg

SPEAR Impact story

Smart Engineering · 01 November 2022

By helping companies to optimise their energy usage, SPEAR enables them to manage resources more effectively, to reduce their energy consumption and costs significantly and increase their productivity in a sustainable manner. To achieve this, SPEAR uses real device-provided simulation models to produce highly accurate forecasts for the energy consumption of industrial production processes, developed optimisation algorithms and created a flexible and highly generic optimisation platform.
SPEAR project image.jpg

PS-CRIMSON Impact story

Smart Cities · 12 October 2022

Nowadays, cities are digitalising more and more services, like data gathering for mobility, safety and communication with citizens. This data is required to be able to govern an increasingly complex and dynamic city. However, authorities still need to tackle information fragmentation caused by separated data per department and a lack of common platforms and toolsets. PS-CRIMSON developed a unique 3D smart digital model that combines all of the gathered data on one common platform. With this platform, public safety and disaster management can be improved, as pilot projects in Eindhoven and Vancouver have shown.
PS-CRIMSON project image.jpg

MOS2S Impact story

Smart Cities · 03 October 2022

Traditional media is losing ground to personalised experiences. Children of today choose what to watch at the time they want. And they even produce thousands of pieces of content on their own each day. This trend in the entertainment business can also be seen in society, where city representatives no longer make decisions on their own. Everybody wants to be involved, or at least can be. The MOS2S project took the outdated broadcasting concept to the next level, adding a completely different dimension with features such as instant live broadcasting with the aim to capture as much sensor data as possible and use this data in various applications in order to eventually enhance the experiences of people.
MOS2S blog image.jpg

Flex4Apps Impact story

Smart Engineering · 16 December 2021

Anybody in the industry knows that monitoring applications is important: you want to know how your apps are performing, both from a technical perspective, such as CPU usage, memory, errors, as well as from a user perspective. The problem today is that for many teams, monitoring and analytics is just one of the many things they need to do, with little technical nor methodological guidance. And collecting, storing, analysing and acting upon data from larger, distributed systems is not that easy. The Flex4Apps partners built reference architectures, providing template solutions for dealing with monitoring and analytics, and they developed the methodological support to help teams leverage these.

FUSE-IT Impact story

Smart Cities · 18 October 2021

FUSE-IT addressed the need for sustainable, reliable, user-friendly, efficient, safe and secure Building Management Systems in the context of smart critical sites, like hospitals. From a site management perspective, it solves the dilemma of efficiency and security in intelligent buildings. At the user level, a smart unified building management interface enables the daily monitoring and control of a building, while a full security management interface enables the supervision of both physical and logical security throughout the premises. And at the end-user level, this can save both energy and lives.
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