ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

ITEA Topical roadshow

In 2024, ITEA will organise a new type of event called the 'ITEA Topical roadshow' where you are in the lead! On this page you will find more information about this roadshow and how you can organise a session of your interest, with the support of the ITEA Office team.

As the ITEA Community consists of many bright and knowledgeable members, with a strong open collaboration spirit, we want to leverage this strength by organising a series of online sessions on topics that are relevant to create and run high-quality and impactful collaborative research projects.

The objective is to share within the ITEA Community knowledge, experience and best practices and the ambition is to cover technical topics as well as managerial topics that will improve ITEA projects. By doing so, we want to help running projects and to encourage the creation of new projects on a solid basis. Each webinar will cover a dedicated topic and will contain a short introduction explaining, a few testimonials/presentations by experienced ITEA Community members and an open discussion with the attendees.


The first session, which will be held on 26 March, is currently being organised on the topic of 'Large Language Models - from research to business value creation'. Other topics are open for your proposal and are scheduled for end of May, end of October and mid December. More timeslots can be added, depending on the proposals of topics.

Propose the topic of your interest for the future sessions!

As we want to organise an ITEA Topical Roadshow that is most relevant for the ITEA Community, you can decide on the topics of the future sessions. Just to give you an idea, some examples of other potential session topics could be:

But as indicated, it's up to you to decide!

NB: The ITEA Topical roadshow is a Community event to strengthen our actions and to foster high quality projects. It cannot be used for the promotion of a company, products or services or a single project.

Submit your topic proposal

If you have a topic that you would like to highlight and openly discuss with the (experts of) the ITEA Community, share it with us and we can set up an online session with you! You can take care of the content (but of course we can also support you with this) and we can provide you with the registration and presentation platform and promotion.

So if you want to co-organise an ITEA Topical roadshow session with us, fill in the fields in the form accessible via the button below.

We look forward to going on the road with you and create impactful sessions with and for the ITEA Community!

More information and registration

For more information, recordings, presentations and free registration for future sessions, click on the button of the session: