ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Cyber Security solutions e-Catalogue

Find here an overview of Cyber Security solutions:

CASPer is a set of tools and databases supporting MiCA, DORA and other cryptocurrency-related regulations across EU. CASPer contains a reputation database of well-known cryptocurrency asset service providers, which can be used to check their legal status, used IBAN accounts, blockchain activity, etc. By the end of DEFRAUDify project, CASPer will also include a risk-scoring system to perform due diligence on cryptocurrency transactions, addresses and clusters.
COINOMON (COIN MONitoring tool) is software which enables its user to conduct cryptocurrency forensics. COINOMON combines the functionality of a blockchain explorer, a linkage analysis system and a curated database of (meta)data from the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Unique features compared to the products by competition:
1) on-premises installation;
2) free API for integration with other tools/services;
3) OSINT and network intelligence enhancing information about address/cluster (meta)data.
ENTA Solution
More than 80% of Internet traffic is now encrypted. This is a positive development for end users and organizations, providing them with data privacy. Encrypted traffic renders much of the existing tool-chains for cybersecurity useless as the ability to examine traffic contents is lost.

This solution allows to detect cyber-attacks hiding in encrypted traffic. Specifically, this solution covers:
• Detect rogue IoT devices
• Detect cyberattacks
FirmwareCheck is a tool for automated dynamic security analysis of firmware images generated by buildroot. Running in a CI-pipeline, it allows developers to identify security risks while developing IoT-firmware. FirmwareCheck emulates firmware using QEMU. Firmware is scanned for typical IoT security issues including:
- Outdated components (CVEs)
- Open (debug) ports
- Default passwords or anonymous logins
- Processes running as root
- Executables that can be used to get a reverse shell on a device
Irdeto Keys & Credentials
Irdeto Keys & Credentials is a managed security service for the complete lifecycle of trusted identities, secrets, and secured firmware for connected embedded products. It provides long-term security rooted in silicon for devices such as set-top boxes, routers, engine control units, smart grid modules, and medical devices. A flexible, scalable, and customizable solution is provided with cloud services, on-prem installations and dedicated physical keying centres with staffed personnel.
PRIGM Hardware-based cyber resilience solution
PRIGM, a high-throughput Hardware Security Module, integrated with high-performance secure IoT gateways and secure authentication tokens present a hardware-based cyber-physical resilience solution stack. The solutions create point-to-point security between any node pairs in a cyber-physical system.
Rugged IP deviation emulator
Used in 12 countries, Rugged IP deviation emulator (Rude) acts as a man-in-the-middle device to spoof any chosen bits of IP traffic passing through. During the ITEA project CyberFactory#1, Rude was topped to support functional safety of autonomous vehicles under IP network hick-ups and cyberattacks. All autonomous vehicles are subject to strict regulation in the form of functional safety requirements. Rude simulates these requirements by corrupting controlling IP messages.
WebRazor is programmable web scraping framework extracting data from surface web and also darknet (e.g., Tor, I2P).
WebRazor framework allows you to: 1) decode and parse the webpage programmatically for both human-readable and machine content; 2) crawl and discover new links and resources; 3) archive obtained data in a transferable form guaranteeing integrity.
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