ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Universidad de Cantabria

The University of Cantabria is a young modern public institution whose main purpose is to contribute to social progress through a firm commitment to teaching and scientific excellence. In order to achieve its goals, it strives to constantly improve the quality of its work. The UC outstands among Spanish universities due to its quality and scientific productivity being selected as one of the International Excellence Campuses in Spain. The University of Cantabria is the only institution that confers official degrees within the self-governed community of Cantabria. It offers a wide range of degree programmes. The University of Cantabria has a wide participation in ITEA in several research areas like Real-Time systems, Embedded System modeling, performance analysis and verification and telematics.

(Submitted and approved by Eugenio Villar on 2013-01-31)
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Project participation

ITEA 2 Call 2
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Evolutionary validation, verification and certification

ITEA 1 Call 8
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Support for Predictable Integration of mission Critical Embedded Systems.

ITEA 1 Call 7
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Winner Achievement Awards Silver 2008
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Model driven approach to Real-Time Embedded System Developement

ITEA 1 Call 6
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Allow seamless roaming between wireless networks while maintaining Quality of Service