ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Project partners

Here you can find the list of partners that participated in (one of the) ITEA projects.

Country: Austria
Name Country Type Projects
4a engineering GmbH Austria sme 1
ABIX GmbH Austria sme 1
ACI Monitoring GmbH Austria sme 1
AIT Austrian Institute Of Technology Austria res 2
AVL List GmbH Austria ind 4
BEIA Austria Austria sme 2
BEIA GmbH Austria sme 6
CogVis Austria sme 1
EclipseSource Services GmbH Austria sme 1
Europay Austria Austria sme 1
FUDA GmbH Austria sme 1
Graz University of Technology Austria uni 2
IKANGAI GmbH Austria sme 1
IT-V Medizintechnik GmbH Austria sme 1
Iknaio Cryptoasset Analytics GmbH Austria sme 1
Infineon Technologies Austria AG Austria ind 1
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria uni 1
Kepler University Linz Austria uni 1
LB Data Austria sme 1
Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH Austria sme 1
Philips Consumer Electronics Austria ifc 1
Secure Business Austria Austria res 1
Sign Time GmbH Austria sme 1
SparxSystems Software GmbH Austria sme 2
Spath Micro Electronic Design GmbH Austria sme 1
TTTech Computertechnik AG Austria sme 2
TU Wien Austria uni 2
Technical University Vienna Austria uni 4
Technikon Austria sme 1
University of Innsbruck Austria uni 1
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH Austria res 3
WISUR Austria sme 1
WU Vienna Austria uni 1
Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH Austria ind 1
bee produced GmbH Austria sme 1 GmbH Austria sme 1
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