ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Austrian Bit Experts is a technology, services and consultancy company that provides software tools solutions for the embedded system markets. ABIX has been founded in the second quarter of 2013 by a team working in the embedded software industry for two decades and who built up a unique stock of expertise and experience in a variety of embedded sectors. INDUSTRIES & MARKETS The industries and markets addressed by Austrian Bit Experts include semiconductor chip makers, automotive embedded info- and entertainment systems, medical embedded systems and life science systems. Particularly for the development of new microprocessors, special purpose and application specific (e.g. system on chip) integrated circuits ABIX has all required experience ready to provide software tool solutions that fully exploit the sophistications of these devices. Austrian Bit Experts are highly specialized in architecting and implementing software tools that support application creation and verification for these devices and safeguard that software tools are being available at the time the new hardware is ready for roll out. Software Development Consulting Services offered by ABIX include: • Requirements survey and collection • Solution design and realization • Due dilligence and validation Software Development Services offered by ABIX include: • Architecture and specification • Prototyping and development • Quality assurance and documentation • Maintenance and deployment Software Development Tools created by ABIX comprise: • Code generation tools (e.g. compilers, assemlers, linkers) • Code debugging tools (e.g. simulators, debuggers, tracers) • Emulation and JTAG technologies • Eclipse IDE extensions • SystemC, TLM models and integrations • Real time and embedded OS (e.g. ENEA OSEcK, Linux) Austrian Bit Experts provide value to their clients by being a reliable partner in tailoring software solutions for the quickly evolving embedded hardware and for its fast moving markets.
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