ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Monitoring and Analytics for the whole Lifecycle, on Models, Hardware, and Software

Project description

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are inherently complex due to a tight coupling between software and hardware. Their development covers a life cycle from models to hardware and software. However, this life cycle is fragmented into different phases that use different tools. The fragmentation of tools across the system development lifecycle results in lost knowledge between different system development stages, extra effort, longer time to market, and increased cost. MONA LISA will cover the entire life cycle with integrated system descriptions and analytics methods from design to production, connecting and improving existing tools in new ways. A visual analytics toolset will be the key component in being able to assess information across different levels of abstraction and at different phases in the life cycle. Large language models can further bridge artefacts in different, sometimes unstructured formats and serve as a user-friendly interface for interacting with data visualisation. With visualisation and explainability, we will achieve synergy between machine learning and humans. Large language models will unlock heterogeneous sources and connect them. A lot of our contributions will be to open-source projects, such as Eclipse Theia and Eclipse Trace Compass, for visualising trace data on a common open software stack.

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