ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Medical GPT Revolutionizing Healthcare with Ethical AI

Project description

Problems from the healthcare industry are long waiting lists across the healthcare system, increase of costs due to the fact of ageing population and operational & human resource costs increase. Large Language Models tools have made significant advancements in the healthcare industry. It can generate human-like responses to a wide range of queries, making it an ideal tool for healthcare applications. European users must comply with new EU AI Act legislation and ethical and GDPR privacy compliance are facing huge issues implementing these LLM and connected applications. Particularly in healthcare, responsible, open, accountable inclusively are priority using these advanced GPT LLM technology. MedGPT is taking the privacy and ethical disadvantages away by integrating from the start ethical AI and European based GDPR & MDR compliance into the platform while using European based LLM only with the ambition to act as the standard for Medical GPT applications across the world. MedGPT is a paradigm shift towards smart health applications, attributes in efficiency, accuracy and scaling will be recognizably superior, consequently disruptive towards current high maintenance, rigid healthcare systems

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