ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Integrated service delivery for citizens' safety and comfort

Project description

The urban spaces are full of standalone sensor-based installations of different services designed according to their own purpose and requirements. For example, municipalities provide several services to their citizens: public lighting, street safety and security for citizens, traffic management, etc. These services rely mostly on street-implemented infrastructure, such as lampposts, cameras, sensors and induction loops. In addition, local businesses have their own illumination systems, advertising infrastructure including neon signs, public displays, etc. They also monitor customer behaviour using various sensor systems. The INSIST project proposes an integration of these sensorbased systems into a wider perspective by developing a smart connected ecosystem for public spaces, where the sensor data provided by the different INSIST sensor systems can be efficiently used for not only the proprietary infrastructure services but also to offer value added services based on data fusion from multiple sensor systems in the business areas of smart lighting, surveillance, traffic management, advertising and atmosphere, business intelligence and building management. INSIST builds upon previous projects in the security and safety domain such as CANTATA and ViCoMo. The building blocks from previous projects have reached a degree of maturity that allows us to add this next step in INSIST by integrating quantifiable data from multiple sources into models, workflow support and evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency.

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