ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Project partners

Here you can find the list of partners that participated in (one of the) ITEA projects.

Country: Spain
Name Country Type Projects
AGGRUPA Spain sme 1
AICIA Spain res 2
AICRUM IT Spain sme 1
AITIRE Spain sme 1
ATOS Spain ifc 9
Abalia Spain ind 1
Acciona Spain ind 2
Acciona Trasmediterránea Spain ind 1
Accuro Technology S.l Spain sme 3
Acotec Spain sme 2
Activa Multimedia Digital SL Spain ind 2
Adas3D Medical SL Spain sme 1
Aidico Spain sme 1
Airbus Defence & Space Spain ifc 1
Alarcos Quality Center (AQC) Spain sme 1
Alcatel-Lucent Spain ifc 3
Alerion Technologies S.L. Spain sme 1
Alma IT Spain sme 2
Amena Spain ind 2
Answare Spain sme 14
Aquiline Spain ind 1
Asociación de Investigación de la Industria Textil Spain res 1
Auraportal Spain sme 1
Avantalia Spain sme 1
Avanzis Spain ind 1
B-Kin Software Spain sme 2
BILBOMÁTICA, S.A. Spain ind 2
BMAT Spain sme 1
Base Spain sme 1
Blockchain customs technology Spain sme 2
CARE Technologies Spain sme 1
CBT Spain sme 8
CCRTV Spain sme 1
CEESA Spain sme 2
CEIT Spain res 1
CIC Tour Gune Spain sme 1
CIMNE Spain res 1
CITIC Spain sme 1
COMPASS Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A. Spain sme 1
CTTC Spain res 1
CVSS Spain sme 1
Caixa Catalunya Spain sme 1
Carsa Spain sme 4
Cenatic Spain sme 1
Centre de Visio per Computador Spain uni 2
City of Bilbao Spain gov 1
City of Gijón Spain gov 1
City of Paterna Spain gov 1
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