ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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AVANTALIA is an engineering and consultant company providing seamless and integral technology-based solutions to its customer. The company is essentially based on the following activities:

  • Technical engineering and consultant services. The company is focused on the most strategic industries in the Canary Islands, where the company is based: tourism, travel and leisure and renewable energies; aiming at establishing the Sustainable Tourism Paradigm.
  • Research and Technology Development. The company develops made-to-measure software and ICT solutions for the same industries (tourism, travel and leisure and renewable energies), aiming at internationalizing the results and the companies.
  • Experts in Marketing Strategies for e-Tourism. The company develops marketing strategies for e-tourism to orientate its client’s services.

AVANTALIA is a pioneer company for the previously mentioned targeted industries. It is a leader in its work field given that it is centered on technology advance and strategic issues instead of focusing the efforts on the traditional administrative and economical approaches. In this respect, ICTs play a fundamental role in the basis of the company and in the solutions for the client. Another interesting distinguishing aspect of AVANTALIA is related to the multidisciplinary services provided. The company gathers complementary competencies to reach the final goal of Sustainable Tourism, such as those related to handling latest technologies, analyzing environmental issues, taking into account productive processes and innovating services.

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