ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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PRODEVELOP, S.L. is an SME employing 80 engineers most of them computing, telecommunication, industrial and cartography engineers, located in Valencia and Barcelona, Spain. Since 1993, PRODEVELOP consolidated its experience in the implementation of ICT solutions for diverse sectors such as: Maritime, Environment, Tourism, Agriculture, Public Administration and Transport. In particular, PRODEVELOP is specialized in consulting, development, deploying, and operating geospatial solutions based on free and open source software. The success in our projects is based on the acquired experience in geospatial industry, and the collaboration with the main developers groups in the world. The research lines at PRODEVELOP include mobile mapping, interoperability of sensor systems through SWE (Sensor Web Enablement), geoprocessing services, embedded software, geospatial technologies in mobile, desktop, Web and service environments, and modeling software system. PRODEVELOP main products are a complete set of products related with the maritime sector, geospatial desktop and web applications and precision agriculture management systems. PRODEVELOP provides consultancy for a number of departments of the Valencia Regional Government on software development and systems administration.


Prodevelop is deeply committed to research, development and innovation, as we believe knowledge enriches our team work. The investment in R&D projects leads us to improve our products and services and it helps us to thoroughly define our portfolio. Finally, the aim of the R&D projects is to enable the integration of different technologies and areas existing within the company.


Prodevelop participates and contributes actively in different research programs supported by the European Union (H2020, PPP, ECSEL, EUREKA, …) and the Spanish government. Collaboration and mergers with university research groups, Research Institutes and other leading companies, is the key success factor in developing and making possible every project. Most of the research results are communicated at international academic congresses and events, such as FOSS4G, CEN/TC, RCIS, AGIT, FOSSGIS, eclipse day, eclipse Summit, etc., with the aim of sharing achievements, knowledge, progress and innovation. 

  • Public Administrations
  • Doc Facilities
  • Transport
  • Industry
  • Agricultural Sector

Prodevelop is committed to the adoption and development of free software based solutions. It takes part of the gvSIG ( and MOSKitt ( free software projects, and several employees are Eclipse committers.

(Submitted and approved by Christophe Joubert on 2015-06-01) 

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Project participation

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Optimal Logistics Operation & Analysis Data Space

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Cognitive services for IoT-based scenarios

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Exceptional Excellence 2023
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Intelligent IoT-based Port Artefacts Communication, Administration & Maintenance

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The Next Level of Test Automation

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Smart City 3D simulation and monitoring platform

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Environmental Sensing To Act for a Better quality of Life: Smart Health

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Advancing Plug & Play Smart Surveillance

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Building as a Service

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Social Internet of things: Apps by and for the Crowd

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Single European Open Mobile Services Area

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Web of Objects

Web of Objects

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Seizing the high grounds 2013
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Intelligent Monitoring of Power Networks

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Standardisation 2013
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User interface eXtensible Mark-up Language

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