ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Global Innovation Summit 2022

Creating a sustainable Atlantic

Portugal has been hosting the Chairmanship of Eureka since July 2021. With an inspiring motto ‘Innovation for a Greener, Digital and Healthier Planet through a collaborative approach’, the Portuguese Chairmanship wishes to contribute to the success of Eureka by building on the work done by the Austrian Chairmanship. On 22 and 23 June, the Portuguese Chair will organise the Global Innovation Summit 2022 (GIS22) at the Estoril Convention Center in the city of Cascais.

2-day journey across the Atlantic

The Global Innovation Summit 2022 will be a journey across the Atlantic by connecting other Oceans to uncover innovative and collaborative ways to build a more sustainable future. The venue will be full of features, stages and collective spaces. Entering the event means starting a journey that allows attendees to discover innovative projects happening in several areas. In the venue a twoday full-scale conference programme will be organised with three stages and some common areas covering the geographies of Portugal and Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia, and the Atlantic.

GIS22’s objectives are:

  • to emphasise the importance of the Ocean and its regions, creating new collaboration dynamics with countries in Africa and Latin America and pursuing the sustainable development goals (SDGs);
  • to support the innovative developments towards green and digital transition and the associated importance of the role of policy;
  • to create the compelling environment for a structured exchange of innovative ideas;
  • to increase national and international visibility of the Eureka network; and
  • to highlight the significance and impact of internationally oriented bottom-up initiatives.

Topics and Stages

Event focus

The Global Innovation Summit 2022 will focus on promoting Green Technologies for a sustainable future and on prioritising a smooth transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy, tackling the challenges imposed by climate change on our planet, making it more resilient for future generations. During GIS22, the collective action of governments, companies (large industry, SMEs and selected research organisations and outstanding individuals will be showcased.

Another major theme of GIS22 will be the ‘new normal’ that has been reached due to the pandemic, enhancing the imperativeness of the digital transition, as several societies are re-shaping their ways of governing and working. Innovation is at the centre of the political discourse at national, European and international levels. Digital transition and transformation, and the innovation that entails, is reshaping industries by disrupting existing businesses, value-chains and operating models. However, it is also having a profound impact on society, presenting a series of opportunities and challenges for businesses and policymakers.

Furthermore, linking and highlighting the importance of dynamic and agile strategies and policymaking that support the innovation ecosystems is going to be a central part of the GIS22.

The Eureka Clusters at GIS22

All Eureka Clusters, including ITEA will contribute to this year’s event as well. An exhibition area at the heart of the venue will be the place to explore success stories from the Eureka programmes and to get advice on the international funding landscape and the tools and instruments available to businesses.

Networking and collaboration

The Global Innovation Summit 2022 willl offer a unique possibility for selected businesses, innovation agencies, research organisations, international funders and stakeholders from all over the world to network, exchange ideas and develop business opportunities. In addition, Ministries responsible for Eureka, government entities (e.g Embassy representations in Portugal) and policy related officials will be invited, as well as high-level officials of the Eureka network.


Participation in this event is free of charge and as many participants as possible are encouraged to attend in person. For all the above-mentioned foreseen participants an invitation to attend the GIS22 will be sent. However, other participants interested in attending (from national or international locations) and that are not invited will have the possibility to register and follow the event online.

More information

More information will be shared with you shortly via e-mail and the website:

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