ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Secure situational awareness for critical cyber-physical systems

Project description

The motivation for the secure situational awareness for critical cyber-physical systems (Sa4CPS) project arises from the needs of targeted end users (people, autonomous devices/physical objects and company servers with digital twins) to be aware of the situation and able to operate in secure manner in their CPS spaces and real-time economies. In addition, unexpected events such as, e.g., accidents, physical or virtual attacks, can compromise resilience of such critical CPS systems, and lead to blocked use of critical resources, or misuse of privacy sensitive data, loss of human lives, lack of critical human needed resources, bankruptcy of companies or even societal instability. The objective of the Sa4CPS project is to contribute towards solving these challenges by developing secure situation awareness concept (Sa4CPs concept) to be applied in the focused use cases related to logistics, mobility, energy and security sectors, especially in the critical port area, Figure 1. The targeted innovation of the Sa4CPS concept is envisioned to arise from application of novel solutions for situational awareness with digital zero trust approach with distributed ledger technologies. The aim is to enable situation aware Web3 of IoT things operating in smart way with AI, and DLT for enabling shared digital trust for multiple stakeholders from different sectors involved in the focused use scenarios. The impact of the main outcomes, technical enablers of the Sa4CPs concept such as e.g. to perception, comprehension, projection, decision, control, actuation, digital trust, security, privacy and use case (UC) demonstrations, will boost the revenue increase of the partners in logistics, mobility, energy and security related markets. The results of the focused UCs and Sa4CPs concept realization is envisioned to have high impact in improving situation awareness and security of the port operator in the critical harbour area. In addition, the resiliency, security, privacy and safety of people, autonomous physical objects and company digital twins in unexpected events is envisioned to improve. The structure of the consortium supports achieving these goals and targeted impacts in excellent way, because the consortium has a feasible set of LE (Polar, F-Secure, Otokar, Enerim ), SME (13 with high growth potential), researchers (VTT, Sirris, Charles university, ISEP), and a critical cross sectorial type of CPS operator (Port of Oulu), which together establish highly networked collaborative group and actions towards developing Sa4CPS concept to be applied in businesses of participating companies.

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