ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Mobilera, is a leading CRM based mobile marketing and advertising company, where the roots go back to 2001, when the founding entrepreneur shareholders set-up the company with a vision to put “mobile human being” in the center of all their thinking and operations. In early 2008 the company was invested in by U.K. and Portugal based private equity investors and became Mobilera Holding B.V., where later in early 2009 a professional CEO joined the company, to grow the company in numerous territories. Today the Company is professionally managed with corporate governance rules and active in 9 countries namely Turkey, Portugal, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bulgaria, and U.K.

Mobilera’s service offerings cover typical messaging based mobile marketing and 360 degree full interactive marketing services on mobile, web, outdoor and indoor interactive kiosks and touch screens. Mobilera assists clients from innovative idea generation and creative services to custom designed and implemented CRM based mobile marketing, innovative interactive portal designs and applications on the web, wap and touch screens and utilizing the niche aspects of the bluetooth marketing as well.

Mobilera, with its in-house developed CRM based technology platforms encompassing over 6 years of research and development, acts as a one stop shop for the clients who want to increase loyalty as well as increase product sales and market share. Mobilera assists its clients also in digital media planning to provide targeted and measurable marketing through utilization of permission based databases of mobile telecom operators and placement of ads on mobile phones, internet sites, social media and interactive kiosks.
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