ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Integrated Platform for the Provision of Health and Social Care in the Community

Project description

The elderly population is increasing in globally and also in Europe,which has resulted in significant pressures on government institutions on how to manage efficiently and effectively the health and social care needs of the elderly in the community, recruit and manage suitably trained healthcare staff and how to mitigate the rising costs. The aim of the platform is that the elderly will be prevented to go into hospital or care home /nursing home via a three phase cyclic approach 1) Integrated health and social care monitoring and care 2) Early Warning 3) Personalised and Preventative Care. First phase incorporates establishing a health data base line and an Integrated health and social care delivery approach by key stakeholders and use of digital health technology, monitoring by latest wearables and sensors to empower the elderly, monitoring of daily activity in the home/externally and tracking key health parameters in order to provide frontline social care practitioners with data and insights to support decision-making and helping to improve care outcomes. Second Phase incorporates continuous analysis of key data to monitor key parameters and use of AI to provide early warning of deteriorating conditions. Thirdly, based on the latest elderly population health data and best practices AI will be used to deliver personalised and preventative care plans and suitably timed visits by the most appropriate carers (trained using latest methodologies) to prevent hospital admission and transfer to a care home/nursing home. The solution will incorporate innovations in each of the three phases to deliver a secure cloud-based, patient-centric, artificial intelligence-driven SaaS multi-sided platform that incorporates the needs of patients and stakeholders.

Project leader

Manzoor Ahmed
HIGOE, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom

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