ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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A public broadcasting company is essential to a democratic society in the 21st century. This belief is evident in the VRT mission statement. This mission describes:

  • the aims of the VRT (to inspire, inform, educate, entertain)
  • what it wants to be (top-quality, trustworthy, creative, innovative, and a guarantee of optimal reach and diversity).

The mission reflects the VRT’s ultimate objectives.

The VRT is the Flemish public broadcasting company of everyone and for everyone.
The public broadcasting company provides audiovisual programmes and services to a wide audience on all platforms, independent of commercial or political influence.
It focuses on quality, durability, and community sense.

The VRT has six leading principles.
The public broadcaster:

  1. guarantees independent, useful and justified information, knowledge or experiences;
  2. is a reference in a fast moving and fragmented media landscape
  3. increases participation and diversity and stimulates social responsibility ("sense of community")
  4. promotes the cultural identity whilst offering a window to the world;
  5. excels in creativity and innovation;
  6. is efficient and cooperates with public authorities, private partners, and media companies.


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Media Orchestration - Sensor to Screen

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