ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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ASELSAN is the largest electronics integrator in Turkey, in terms of both revenue and employee count. The company serves in the defense and homeland security market, and generates revenue in excess of €700 million annually. It has over 4000 employees of which 1500 are full-time R&D engineers. ASELSAN has wide range of products, such as electro-optic systems, navigation and guidance systems, communication devices, radar systems, and command and control. The company also offers capabilities to integrate these sensors and systems to land, air and maritime platforms, in various types of homeland security applications.

ASELSAN is involved in two EUREKA projects, SPY (Surveillance Improved System) and RECONSURVE (A Reconfigurable Surveillance System with Communicating Smart Sensors), both funded under ITEA2 cluster. ASELSAN served as the coordinator of the RECONSURVE Project.  The company is taking part in a number of FP7 projects, including, TALOS (Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance System), HYPERION (Hyperspectral Imaging IED and Explosives Reconnaisance System), and SUBCOP (Suicide Bomber Counteraction and Prevention) all funded under FP7 Security thematic area. ASELSAN is also hosting four Marie Curie Fellows, funded under FP7 IRG and CIG programs. 



(Extracted from the FPP of SPY, edited and approved by Cengiz Erbaş on 2013-01-30)

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High Integrity RPAS by Innovative Software Engineering

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Advancing Plug & Play Smart Surveillance

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A Reconfigurable Surveillance System with Smart Sensors and Communication

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