ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

ITEA Magazine 45 - July 2023


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Zeynep Sarılar


Zeynep Sarılar

Dear ITEA Community,

Preparing the future is only possible by understanding the roots.

Solving a problem with a permanent solution can only be achieved by finding its root cause.
Defining the formula of a success is only possible by investigating the roots where it stands.
Creating impactful results is only possible by achieving outcomes that improve lives.

While celebrating 25 years of ITEA, we are diving into the deepest roots of ITEA to understand how it was established so that we may continue its success in the future by following the footsteps of predecessors and continuously adapting these steps to new conditions. And it has been a joyful and instructive journey.

In this magazine, you will find an interview with Wilbert Schaap, the Public Authority of the Netherlands for ITEA and one of the initiators of the ITEA Community, and with Ayda Kara Pektas, Public Authority of Türkiye, a relatively new member of the ITEA Public Authorities Committee. This gives a perspective on what the roots are and how things have evolved over time. The common denominators are continuously successful results, enthusiasm and trust.

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Country Focus


Research and innovation are crucial for competitiveness, sustainability and resilience

As part of the Swedish Ministry of Climate and Enterprise, Vinnova is the government agency charged with promoting sustainable growth through innovation and thereby strengthening the capacity to achieve the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations. Vinnova’s Susanne Liljeblad and Jessica Svennebring explain the role the Swedish agency plays in promoting international collaboration for research, development and innovation, with particular reference to market-oriented Cluster projects like ITEA.

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Provider of world-leading sustainable and automated solutions

The multinational ABB has a history of innovation excellence stretching back 140 years to 1883 when one of its predecessors the Swedish company ASEA was founded to take advantage of the new technology called electricity. Nowadays, ABB is a leader in electrification and automation technologies, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimise the way in which products are manufactured, moved, operated and controlled. ABB employs around 105,000 people and is active on a global scale.

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25 years of ITEA

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Two Public Authorities share their views of the ITEA experience

A conversation between Zeynep Sarılar, Wilbert Schaap and Ayda Kara Pektaş

ITEA Success stories

ITEA Success story


‘One patient, one team’ approach for hospitals

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ITEA Success story


Enhancing interoperability in virtual engineering workflows

Upcoming events

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ITEA PO Days 2023
& 25 years anniversary and exhibition

12-13 September 2023, Berlin, DE

Become part of ITEA's next ground-breaking innovation!

Event report

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ITEA Smart Cities customer workshop

Insights into the 2023 Smart Cities customer workshop

Other highlights

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Community Talk with:

Gjalt Loot

A multifaceted connector!

Project benefit story


AI system and smart wristband helps prevent the elderly from falling

SME in the Spotlight

Cape of Good Code

A business value metric for software leaders

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ITEA Call 2022

The ITEA Call 2022 projects

Unveiling strong international projects with focus on AI

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By and for end-users


Dynaxion aims for a safer society with AI-based Spectroscopy

ITEA news

MTP implements Artificial Intelligence to detect IoT attacks

ITEA news

NautilusLog is finalising the new ISO Standard 4891: Smart Applications for Ships

Eureka news

Clusters actively engage in Eureka network meetings