ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Siemens Industry Software NV

Siemens Industry Software NV (SISW) is an engineering innovation company and leading provider of test and mechatronic simulation software and engineering services in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. Based in Leuven (Belgium), SISW delivers solutions for functional performance engineering (e.g. motion, noise and vibration, durability, fluid and thermal dynamics, …) of mechanical and mechatronics products. SISW brings to market the Simcenter portfolio, a flexible, open, and scalable portfolio of leading predictive simulation and test applications that support industry at every step in the digital journey. Simulation and test solutions are considered the beating heart of the digital twin, and Simcenter is a key component within Xcelerator. By providing insight into the real-world performance of products and process, Simcenter allows its industry customers to  accelerate innovation over the entire lifecycle. Manufacturing companies can thus manage the complexities of tomorrow’s product development, from early design, throughout development, validation and operational use. SISW has a long experience in delivering innovative solutions to a worldwide market, achieving innovations in the frame of collaborative research projects and in-house R&D.

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Open reference architecture for engineering model spaces

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Compact modelling of high-tech systems for health management and optimization along the supply chain

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Environment for model-based rigorous adaptive co-design and operation of CPS

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Operational eXcellence by Integrating Learned information into AcTionable Expertise

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Special Vice-chairman's award 2021
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EMPHYSIS – Embedded systems with physical models in the production code software

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Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Special recognition award 2019
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React to Effects Fast by Learning, Evaluation, and eXtracted InformatiON

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Model Driven Physical Systems Operation