ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Karlstad University

Karlstad University takes pride in combining active external cooperation with academic excellence. Karlstad University has around 16 000 students and a staff of over 1 200 members. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science consists of two research subjects: Mathematics and Computer Science. It has a research and teaching staff of more than 60 persons. In Computer Science, research and education are focused on computer networking and distributed systems, computer security and privacy, and software engineering. Both research and education are conducted in close cooperation with international, national, and regional partners from both academia and industry. The department recently established the Software Quality and Digital Modernisation (SQuaD) research group. SQuaD is a newly established and motivated group in the department. It aims to develop methods and techniques to continuously preserve, improve, and adapt quality attributes of long-living software systems to allow such systems to be maintained and to evolve more efficiently. The software testing team in SQuaD has a strong background in both Software Testing and soft computing methods to be applied to real-world problems. This includes various software testing methods and strategies for different applications, including IoT systems testing, smart device testing, embedded systems testing, and machine learning-based system testing. The group also has a strong background in applied soft computing, including optimization problems, AI, and ML applications. 

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