ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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C Tech Information Technologies Industry and Trade Inc. founded in 2005, operates in Defense, Aerospace and Satellite Technologies, Communication Systems, Cyber Security, Modeling and Simulation.

CTech accomplishes its mission of developing innovative products and creating solutions for national and international markets with its knowledge and experience in information and communication technologies and with its experienced human resources.

CTech has system engineering, electronic hardware design, digital design, communication system design, RF design, embedded and PC based software design and system development capabilities and integration and production capabilities comprised by these capabilities. CTech offers products and solutions to various public, private and international stakeholders as the contractor of the projects.

The head office of our company is located in  Teknopark Istanbul Campus in Kurtkoy, Istanbul and we have an office in the Cyberpark Campus in Bilkent, Ankara. Having vision of providing value added products and solutions to its stakeholders; CTech has an R&D and production infrastructure compliant with software development and electronic design and production.


KRYPTOS is one of our products in the field of cyber security. KRYPTOS encrypts your valuable files to protect you and only encrypts the KRYPTOS owner and makes them take action. Moreover, it doesn't care where your files stored (Local Disk, Network, Cloud, etc.), instead it create a Virtual Disk(SafeBox) to make your files look as if they're decrypted and allow you to take action. When the KRYPTOS connection is lost, the Virtual Disk disappears and your files remain encrypted in their original location. KRYPTOS with it’s Outlook integration, allows to users to encrypt and share secure files quickly and effortlessly.

CTech's Secure EPM SATCOM Systems is intended for military and government applications and can satisfy all the requirements for fixed, land-mobile, naval and airborne SATCOM use cases and scenarios. By using a mix of fixed, transportable and on the move terminals at the same time, reliable, flexible, survivable and secure networks can easily be established, managed and operated under extreme circumstances.

SATCOM on the move terminals provide secure line of sight communication for all military forces operating in the field. Designed for critical tactical environments, these terminals can be installed in fast moving vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. With these terminals, it is possible to provide secure satellite communication using Ku-Band or Ka-band anytime and anywhere.

CTECH designs, manufactures and integrates novel and complete end-to-end communication solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). UFUK-HX10 is intended to meet the Line-of-Sight (LOS) data communication requirements of UAVs. UFUK-HX10 consists of all the required components to establish a secure and robust data link for the most severe operating environments and conditions. It is a complete Full Duplex (FD) communication system solution containing the paired data modems, RF blocks and antennas for both ground and airborne terminals. The uplink carries the command and control information for the real time operation of the UAV, while the downlink conveys all the onboard sensor data, video and audio payload to the ground control station. The video encoder on the airborne modem processes the payload information in order to achieve simultaneous HD and SD video transmission capabilities. 


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Future Unified System for Energy and Information Technology

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Collaborative Analytics Platform

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Federated Security Shield

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Policies REfined DYnamically and Kept On Track

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Autonomic Services in M2M Networks

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