ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Basari Mobile

Basari Mobile Information Technologies is the first mobile entertainment company in Turkey. It started to develop mobile infrastructures and contents in 1998. Since 2003, Basari Mobile is providing value added services along with IT technologies in mobile environments.

Basare Mobile is one of the leading companies in the development and management of Android and IOS applications in Turkey. The company aims to be a well-known and respected leader in the global mobile content market with its mobile projects.

In this context, with the aim of addressing the global market, Basari Mobile develops cooperation with many companies at national and international levels. In addition, Basari Mobile provides operator billing and charging solutions for its partners and works with all operators in Turkey.

Basari Mobile is also strongly involved in the IoT area, which is the Internet of Things. In order to adapt to emerging technologies, Basare Mobile provides solutions for the measurement and management of energy production and consumption in the IoT area. Between 2015-2017, over 30.000 IoT units are placed to monitor and control of the energy assets in OEDAS & YEDAS area.
Basari Mobile is also involved in TÜBITAK and European Union projects. With the help of the dynamic staff and technological infrastructure, Basari Mobile can easily adapt to innovation.

The company policy is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with ready-to-use and customizable projects along with after-sales support.

(Submitted and approved by Meltem YÜCE on 16-08-2021)

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