ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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University of Paderborn

The University of Paderborn is guided by a central principle: "University for the Information Society". The strong field of computer science, information systems, and computer applications plus the interdisciplinary presence of IT in many of our subject areas establish an outstanding foundation for our pursuit of this principle. The teaching and research profile offered within the University's five faculties incorporates a broad and diverse range of subjects, covering the arts and humanities, economics and business administration, natural sciences and engineering. With a population of more than 19.930 students, the Campus University provides a clearly structured environment with excellent study and living conditions. Computer science and mechanical engineering in Paderborn are ranked among the best in Germany, while other subjects also perform excellently. This outstanding research status is underlined by the co-located Fraunhofer Institutes, Collaborative Research Centres (SFBs), Research Training Groups, and the NRW Graduate School of Dynamic Intelligent Systems which all play their part in bringing young academics and researchers from around the world to Paderborn for their studies and research. In January 2012 the technology-network “Intelligent Technical Systems Ostwestfalen-Lippe” (it`s OWL) was recognized as a German Ministry of Education and Research Leading-Edge Cluster. In the projects AMALTHEA and AMALTHEA4public, contributions are made by the Software Engineering Group and the C-LAB, which are both members of the computer science department.

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer is the President of the University of Paderborn and head of the Software Engineering Group, which is part of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute. The group consists of over 15 research associates. Furthermore, Prof. Schäfer is board-director of the co-located Fraunhofer Project Group for Mechatronic Systems Design as well as chair of the International Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University. Prior appointments have been with the University of Dortmund, Germany and McGill University at Montreal. He also spent four years in industry as head of the R&D department of a medium-size software house. His research interests are in specifications for embedded systems as well as verification and validation, software processes, and re-engineering. In 2001 he was program co-chair of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) and he was General Chair of ICSE 2008 in Leipzig, Germany. In 2012 he became a member of acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering.

C-LAB is the Cooperative Computing & Communication Laboratory of ATOS IT Solutions and the University of Paderborn. The team of university members consists of about 10 researchers led by Dr. Bernd Kleinjohann. The field of active research, among others, is composed of the design of embedded real-time systems and intelligent systems with strong expertise in design and simulation of HW/SW systems. Having been project partners of several successful automotive projects in the past, for example TIMMO, TIMMO2USE, and VERDE, the University of Paderborn has obtained the rank of an AUTOSAR Attendee partner.

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Project participation

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Cost-Efficient Smart System Software Synthesis

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Smart Prognosis of Energy with Allocation of Resources

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open standard APplication Platform for carS and TrAnsportation vehiCLEs

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Enabling of Results from AMALTHEA and others for Transfer into Application and building a Community

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Model Based Open Source Development Environment for Automotive Multi Core Systems

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Timing Model - TOols, algorithms, languages, methodology, USE cases

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VERification-oriented & component-based model Driven Engineering for real-time embedded systems

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Open Source Ambient Intelligence Commons

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Timing Model

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Winner Achievement Awards Gold 2008
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Locale Mobile Services

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Winner Achievement Awards 2006
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Service Infrastructure for Real-time Embedded Networked Applications

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Winner Achievement Awards 2004
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Embedded Electronic Architecture

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software Development Process for Real-Time Embedded software Systems

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VHE Middleware

Middleware for Virtual Home Environments