ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Founded in 1997 ProSyst is an OSGi and Java pioneer.  We are entirely focused on open standards technology and were most actively involved in helping to create the OSGi specifications R1 – today´s since 1999.  ProSyst is a longstanding member of the OSGi Board of Directors. 

We offer products and services for all vertical markets that use embedded OSGi technology, such as Broadband CPEs, Smart Grid devices, Mobile Devices, Automotive Telematics and other M2M solutions.  Thanks to numerous projects, we have acquired a strong experience, which permits us today to provide quality services for you.

ProSyst brings together leading products and recognized OSGi and Java experts, professional processes and the ability to meet the technical requirements of commercial OSGi adopters. We provide a complete range of products and services from fundamental technology development, production and developer support, training and mentoring to commercial management and provisioning solutions.

With leadership roles in many OSGi Expert Groups, ProSyst provides coverage for all essential vertical markets under one roof. We are proud to work for a truly global customer base ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers.

* Technology Focus: Java, OSGi, Android, Eclipse, Device Management, Remote Mgmt and Provisioning
* Market Focus: Connected Home, Telematics, M2M Solutions



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Extendable Architecture and Service Infrastructure for Cloud-Aware Software

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