ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Koçtaş Yapı Marketleri Tic. A.ş

Koçtaş, the leader company of home improvement sector in Turkey, is working with the goal of providing the best service from every channel and accelerating the digitalisation of all its investments, aims to create a perfect customer experience by offering its customers beautiful ideas and solutions that make life easier. Since 2000, Koçtaş has a partnership agreement with the Kingfisher group, one of the three largest companies in the home development industry to which B&Q is affiliated. Today, there are 337 stores in both large and fix concept as well as Koçtaş serves to its customers in order to create the opportunity for them to have a great omnichannel experience during their shopping with It’s headquarter and R&D center is located in Istanbul. In R&D center, there are 90+ engineers focusing on Marketplace, CRM & Marketing, Omni Logistics Transformation as the next step of digital transformation. Koctas put the customer first approach while developing service and products on the categories as engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations,  R&D and innovation. Robotics solutions in stores, mobile and web solutions for customers with IoT’s and Big Data, Fraud Detection solutions via graphical image processing and AI algorithms, Interactive Customer services with AR (Augmented Reality) are the key technologies worked in the R& D center.

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Cognitively Smart Assistant in Phygital Environment

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