ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 15 Mar 2017

Materna founded a dedicated R&D department inspired by successful participation to ITEA projects

Innovation imageSince the first Call of ITEA in 1999, Materna has been an active partner in the programme through participation in 6 projects (Softec, SIRENA, OSAMI-Commons, EASI-CLOUDS, BaaS and the still running Medolution), and with success. The SOFTEC, SIRENA and EASI-CLOUDS projects received the ITEA Awards of Excellence (formerly called ITEA Achievement award) for their outstanding innovation and business impact. Next to that, EASI-CLOUDS also received the Korea EUREKA Day Award in recognition of developing the most innovative and commercially viable EUREKA project in 2014.

This award-winning business impact was clearly shown by the fact that Materna’s participation in EASI-CLOUDS and the knowledge and results gained from it, laid the foundation for Materna’s Cloud Computing business.

During February 2017, Materna has founded a dedicated R&D department called “Innovation Centre”. Franz-Josef Stewing, Vice President R&D and Education / Shared Services at Materna, ITEA “veteran” and project leader of the BaaS project, was asked to contribute to the elaboration of a concept for this Innovation Centre. He indicates that “the achievement of Materna is quite unique, from a privately owned company with an SME background and history to a company with its own dedicated Innovation Centre. This Innovation Centre was inspired by the successful participation to funded ITEA R&D projects and it will even further increase the probability of commercial success of Materna’s current innovation efforts in IT and multiply their latest R&D achievements”.

About Materna

Materna is a leading German ITC consulting company and they have been successfully implementing IT projects for their customers for 35 years now. Their team of around 1,700 dedicated employees works throughout Europe and includes highly specialised consultants, software developers, software architects and project managers as well as editors and marketing experts.


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