ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 17 Jun 2024

B3 Systems reduces costs and waste thanks to advanced predictive maintenance

As a key participant in the ITEA project PIANiSM B3 Systems from Canada has distinguished itself as a foremost technology provider, driving innovation in the manufacturing sector. Leveraging its expertise in data analytics and machine learning, B3 Systems played a crucial role in advanced predictive maintenance models that have been instrumental in enhancing manufacturing efficiencies.

Innovative solutions tailored to industry needs

Within PIANiSM, B3 Systems developed customised algorithms that not only predict equipment failures but also prescribe preventive measures, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This capability has enabled manufacturers to transition from traditional, reactive maintenance strategies to proactive, predictive approaches. For instance, clients have reported a reduction in unplanned downtime by up to 40% and maintenance cost savings of 20-30%, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

Contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices

B3 Systems is committed to sustainability and, through the PIANiSM project, they have facilitated more sustainable manufacturing practices by optimising resource utilisation and minimising waste. For example, by implementing predictive maintenance algorithms, B3 Systems helped a major automotive manufacturer to notably reduce their energy consumption and material waste. These algorithms accurately predict equipment failures, allowing for timely maintenance and preventing machines from operating inefficiently. This directly supports their environmental goals while improving their overall cost-effectiveness.

A relatable success story

Imagine a large automotive manufacturer for which an hour of unplanned downtime can cost up to $250,000 due to halted production lines. In this high-stakes environment, the traditional approach was to maintain a large inventory of parts to quickly swap out at the first sign of trouble – an expensive and often inefficient method. By implementing B3 Systems' predictive maintenance solutions developed in the PIANiSM project, this manufacturer could shift from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy. The algorithms developed were able to accurately predict equipment failures before they occurred, allowing the manufacturer to prepare and perform maintenance during scheduled downtimes. This shift not only saved the company millions in potential lost production but also reduced the need to keep a massive stockpile of parts on hand. The reduction in parts inventory alone significantly cut costs and freed up capital for other strategic investments, demonstrating the clear value of predictive maintenance.

Expanding impact and fostering industry collaboration

The success of the PIANiSM project has positioned B3 Systems as a leader in the predictive maintenance domain, helping more businesses achieve operational excellence through smart technology. Since the project's completion, B3 Systems has acquired over 20 new clients across various industries, such as automotive, mining, and manufacturing. The company has also expanded its reach into new geographical markets, including North America, Europe, and Asia. This expansion has driven significant revenue growth and increase in workforce over the past two years. Looking ahead, B3 Systems aims to introduce next-generation solutions that will further transform the manufacturing landscape, making it smarter, more efficient, and increasingly adaptive to the challenges of modern industrial environments.

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