ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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IoT Datasets

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New library

Realistic datasets that are properly labelled are needed to develop/train/validate/test AI models. Considerate amount of time and effort is needed to generate such datasets. Making available more such datasets will expedite the development of the IoT analytics. Moreover, they could also be used for cross-validation for solutions that have been developed with disparate datasets.

Biswajit Nandy
Research area(s)
Datasets for use in developing/training/validating/testing AI models for analyzing encrypted IoT traffic for various purposes such as IoT discovery and IoT behaviour analytics.
Technical features

Multiple datasets are being made available. They are realistically generated PCAPs covering various different IoT device types and operating conditions.

Integration constraints

Ability to read PCAP files in standard format for use in AI model development.

Targeted customer(s)

AI models developers/researchers for IoT traffic analysis

Conditions for reuse

Dalhousie, MTP, and Solana Networks will make available the datasets during and after the end of the ENTA project.

Publication date
Involved partners
Solana Networks (CAN)
Metodos y Tecnologia (ESP)
Dalhousie University (CAN)