ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Synthetic brain tumor images

20044 ASSIST
New library

Synthetic brain tumor images from several different GANs and a diffusion model, as well as the trained models, have been shared on the AIDA data hub

The work is described in a paper in the journal Scientific Data

Anders Eklund
Research area(s)
Deep learning, medical imaging, generative models
Technical features

This dataset is a collection of synthetic images generated by 5 generative models (Progressive GAN, StyleGAN1, StyleGAN2, StyleGAN3, diffusion model) trained on the BraTS 2020 and 2021 datasets (which share MR volumes from brain tumor patients and the corresponding tumor annotations). The trained generative models are also shared in this dataset.

Integration constraints

Need to read nifti files to access the images

Targeted customer(s)

Researchers and companies in deep learning

Conditions for reuse

Available under the following licenses, described in the License section below.

Controlled access Free for use in legal and ethical medical diagnostics research and education.

AIDA BY license Free for use within AIDA with attribution.

Publication date
Involved partners
Linköping University (SWE)
Eigenvision AB (SWE)