ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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FIDO2 certified Multi-Pass NFC bio card (Kelvin Zero)

20050 Secur-e-Health

Kelvin Zero's Multi-Pass NFC biometric card has achieved FIDO2 certification, a major milestone solidifying our position as a leader in cybersecurity. FIDO2 is an open standard enabling strong and convenient authentication for web and mobile devices. This certification ensures the card offers users:

Enhanced security, seamless user experience, broad compatibility.

Thierry St-Jacques Gagnon
Research area(s)
Strong authentication, biometrics, open authentication standards, mobile device security, cybersecurity
Technical features

Secure element chip embedded in the card for secure storage of cryptographic keys and user credentials. Biometric sensor (fingerprint) for user identification. Secure communication protocols for data exchange with FIDO2-compliant platforms.

Integration constraints

Requires FIDO2-compliant servers and applications for user authentication. May require additional software development depending on the specific integration scenario.

Targeted customer(s)

Organizations seeking enhanced security for user authentication (financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, etc.) Individuals seeking a convenient and secure way to access online services.

Conditions for reuse

Kelvin Zero's approval required for integration with the Multi-Pass NFC Biometric Card. Compliance with FIDO2 standards and best practices for secure implementation.

Publication date
Involved partners
Kelvin Zero (CAN)