ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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New product

The "RWR-Calculator" is a sophisticated tool designed for analyzing and predicting potential issues in the manufacturing process, particularly in fixture generation. This tool stands out for its ability to take a product with detailed information as input and provide valuable insights into the manufacturing process.

Dimitri Penner
Research area(s)
Theme 3
Technical features

Input Analysis: The tool accepts a product as input, which includes comprehensive data such as the geometry of the part to be manufactured, clamping points, welding points, and centering points. Geometry Complexity Assessment: One of its primary functions is to assess the complexity of the product's geometry. This is crucial for understanding the challenges that might be encountered during the manufacturing process. Error Probability Prediction at Clamping Points: The most notable feature of the RWR-Calculator is its use of a trained model to predict the likelihood of errors occurring at specific clamping points during the creation of a fixture. This predictive capability is invaluable in preempting issues that could arise in the fixture generation phase. Trained Predictive Model: The core of the tool's predictive power lies in its advanced, trained model. This model leverages historical data and learning algorithms to accurately forecast potential problem areas in the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Process Optimization: By identifying potential error points in advance, the RWR-Calculator plays a critical role in optimizing the manufacturing process. It enables manufacturers to address potential issues before they manifest, thereby reducing waste, saving time, and improving overall efficiency.

Integration constraints

python, numpy, torch, pymeshlab, vedo, dearPYgui

Targeted customer(s)

CAD Engineer

Conditions for reuse

Purchase of licence is required

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Involved partners
EKS InTec GmbH (DEU)