ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

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The ITEA board decided to strengthen even more the business orientation of the ITEA programme by setting up customer and end-user workshops. The target of these new workshops is to clarify the international customers and end-user needs and to build our future ITEA proposals from these actual urgent demands. We welcome the participation of customers and end users.

The theme of the first workshop was Smart City. Amsterdam, Istanbul and Vancouver accepted participation and we received contributions from Bandung, Nairobi and Rennes. A set of European worldwide leaders and some innovative SMEs were present.

The most urgent needs arising from the discussion with the different cities were:

  • E-Democracy and networked cities: Municipalities are requiring tools to ensure their citizens’ trust and engagement in decision process. It means tools for visualisation, simulation, social network.
  • Disaster/Crisis Management: Our society is more and more urban and sensitive to many crises.
  • Green City & Renewable energy: Green city is a major trend with Solar energy, Energy management and Energy storage.
  • Housing and Homelessness: There is a danger of the middle class being driven out of the city and the effect that would have on the economy. There is also a willingness to support a better life for the homeless.
  • Privacy & Security: The meaning of Privacy needs a contemporary review. Ownership of data must be simplified and transparent. Digital Security will be one of the biggest challenges of this century. Design of essential infrastructures should be as resilient as possible.
  • Tsunami of Data: The digital city will generate a tsunami of data that has to be managed. Unified data model or data model automatic translation to break down the silo barriers. City’s role as a data aggregator. Ownership of data.
  • Business models & Life Cycle Cost Analysis: The Digital revolution comes with new business models. For each case a Life Cycle Cost Analysis is required as a methodology tool for Smart City deployment


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As a synoptic of the cities and industrials discussions, a first list of urgent topics to work on is:

  • Visualisation, Simulation, Communication platform: to create the citizen empowerment on the city projects.
  • Green multimodality mobility infrastructure: It includes E-Charging, Services based on mobility data (big data), New business model.
  • Energy consumption optimisation: At home, in the office.
  • Smart lighting: For energy consumption reduction and improvement of quality of life.
  • Multi-functionalities interoperability platform: A key demand is on interoperability when the organisations remain silo-based.

The quality of the job done during this workshop will ensure that we now have the right input to set up ITEA proposals on Smart City with high potential. We forecast several proposals during our next PO Days, taking place on 22-23 September in Brussels.

Pleased to meet you there!

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