ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Full digital loop: Hyper-scale & Micro-care

Philippe Letellier · 1 September 2019

The ultimate dream for any business is to be closer and closer to the users and customers to better respond to their needs. This proximity is expected to generate more Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), a smaller churn, better word of mouth and thus a scale up of the business.

Until now it had been just a dream, a kind of grail, on which all the marketing teams of the world were working very hard with a rather low success rate.

But we are now in the digital era and many ITEA projects deliver some unique results on the full digital loop to overcome this challenge. The digital solution is based on massive data analysis. The digital magic is:

  • to instrument, at the design phase, the products and services you deploy
  • to gather on a central cloud all the data acquired in real time by these different probes
  • to run data analysis algorithms on this big data to understand the actual usage of your product/service
  • to employ this usage observation to adapt the design of the product to the reality of its use

Said in this way, it seems easy, but it required a lot of work for Flex4Apps, an almost completed ITEA project on this topic, to design a full methodology and its associated tool kits to easily set up this kind of design process.

This work has been validated by a set of immediate full-size exploitations:

  • Nokia developed a Monitoring system operation in order to gain operational insights on system performance → the challenge was to generate insights from large amount of heterogeneous data (log files)
  • SA /ID realised user system behaviour monitoring in order to enable better product management through personalisation → the challenge was the real-time analysis
  • Evermind realised consumption behaviour monitoring → the challenge was data access, collection and storage at the back end

You can contact the project leader Till Witt from NXP ( to check with him the potential of this approach for your business.
Buy the methodology book 'Hyperscale & Microcare' written by Nick Boucart ( and you will learn a lot on how to strengthen your business.

Again, with Flex4App ITEA is on the last wave of the Digital Transition to speed up the growth of our companies. This project is a unique success story.

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