ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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SynerScope B.V.

Synerscope: 'seeing' data as Augmented Intelligence

SynerScope has focused on making unstructured data such as text and images visible and interactive, and quickly bringing together multiple data sources. That’s why SynerScope is built on the core principles of Visual Analytics and Visual Perception.

Augmented Intelligence is designed to work in tandem with human intelligence. It increases and broadens our cognitive skills. It helps users with interpretation, insights, recommendations and provides interactive feedback to people. The flexibility of human cognition thus remains applicable, even when the volume of data exceeds human capacity. SynerScope’s solutions and products combine Machine Learning, AI, NLP (natural language processing), image and network processing. Together with the specially developed interface, this provides a rich interaction environment for human interpretation, querying and machine feedback. We deliver a system that can quickly provide insights and answers based on your data, without developing specific models. In addition, Augmented Intelligence, and SynerScope in particular, is able to assist in the selection of data for use in AI and avoid unnecessary bias arising from your data.

Augmented Intelligence uses AI to manipulate and transform data for enhanced human perception and processing.

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Fully Automated AI Data Extraction from Scientific Literature

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Special recognition award 2019
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React to Effects Fast by Learning, Evaluation, and eXtracted InformatiON