ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Praegus B.V.

Praegus is the specialist for testing and test (process) optimization within the ICT domain. Praegus is an expert in the field of Test Automation and 'technical testing', including spearheads such as Performance testing. In addition to consultancy solutions, Praegus also offers guidance through coaching, training and workshops with its own Praegus Academy. In addition, Praegus Solutions develops and offers services and automated solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence, Security Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Open Source Toolchain and complete unburdening through Service Contracts and Managed Services.


One of our Solutions (partly developed as member of ITEA) is Orangebeard, an innovative SaaS platform that accelerates software development by applying machine learning. There are currently 3 modules. First of all, there is the Control Room, this is a dashboard that provides insight and control over all automated tests within an organization or project so that we can make the test automation process more efficient. The dashboard is equipped with various visualizations. This gives you insight into test (set) duration and failure percentages. The individual test results are pre-analyzed automatically by Orangebeard, eliminating time-consuming manual work for the tester. For this we use Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), which ultimately results in an enormous acceleration of the process through time savings.

With the Security Scan we make smart reuse of the existing test automation to provide organizations with insight into possible vulnerabilities in the software they have built with every build (sometimes 6 times a day). Where otherwise organizations often have a special (and expensive) security tester look at this once every six months and sometimes once a year. Orangebeard makes those results readable for the 'ordinary IT professional'. The earlier identification of possible risks also gives companies the opportunity to work on the solution earlier.

With the 3rd module, the Auto Test Pilot (under development within the ITEA project), Orangebeard teaches the system to recognize which tests belong to which code. Orangebeard independently searches for the correlation between previously checked code and tests performed. In the event of a code change, the system only looks for the tests that are relevant to this particular code change, so that test time can be significantly reduced without compromising quality requirements. So only what is needed is tested resulting in a faster release.

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