ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


NetRD Information Technologies and Telecommunications is a NETAS company which provides innovative and creative solutions in information and communication technologies including end-to-end value added solutions and technology services to providers and corporations.

  • Working experience with global technology vendors and 250+ telcos in 100+ countries
  • High quality R&D Center with 32 years of experience on Telecom and Information Technology
  • 350+ R&D Engineers,¬†
  • 25%+ have MSc or PhD
  • Technical Expertise @ Technology Domains
    • Cloud and Platform
    • Artifical Intelligence
    • Edge Computing
    • Big Data and Analytics
    • Security
    • Real Time Telecom Session Control Applications¬†
    • Mobile and Web Technologies
Large Industry
Alt Türkiye


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Proactive protection against phishing-based ransomware

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Automated Quality Assurance and Optimization in Incremental Industrial Software Systems Development