ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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We love to help people through creative, smart and value-adding IT solutions. We want smart IT ecosystems in which data is entered once and used multiple times. After which it is displayed in the correct way in other systems, in the right place within and outside the organisation. Combining the right person with data at the right place can ensure a focus on the creative and smart use of data to achieve business goals. We want that for everyone! Whether it is called information management, BIM or SE, a combination, or something else, does not matter to us. We see that Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs are able to really allow you to take control of your data; therefore we have become proficient in this.

The bigger the scale of the project, the better. The industries in which we operate are the construction, infrastructure and energy industry. There, many organisations work in several (project)phases on the largest and most complex projects, where it is rare that data is only relevant for one party. We are ready to help and solve these challenges. We are active in the entire spectrum from data to wisdom: from drawing up the data schemes to developing and implementing a new robust and future-proof method. From performing a data migration to teaching future engineers at Eindhoven University of Technology. Making data valuable!

We're a SME existing 5 year and we've around 18 persons in the niche market Asset Information Management with a strong focus on Linked Data in combination with BIM, providing consultancy and software development.  

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Accounting for fire safety engineering using Building Information Modelling