ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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University of Skövde

University of Skövde (Högskolan i Skövde: HIS) is a modern university in Sweden offering high-quality study programs and internationally competitive research. University of Skövde is an attractive partner for cooperation with world companies. The School of Informatics is one of the largest schools in Informatics and Computer Science in Sweden, with some 200 persons employed. The School conducts research and education in the field of Informatics, focusing on the development and use of IT systems for the benefit of man and society. The research focus of the school is on how information is represented, processed and communicated in artificial and natural systems, and how such systems are developed in order to achieve usable and effective applications and solutions. The research is normally applied research in close collaboration with companies and public sector organizations, which attracts national and international financial support. The School of Informatics offers more than 15 study programs and has seven research groups in the field. The DRTS (Distributed Real-time Systems) group conducts research in Applied Computer Science. Main interest areas are: Infrastructure, architecture, techniques, and algorithms for information fusion applications; Software testing of safety-critical systems; as well as Distributed real-time simulations and systems. The CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) team within the DRTS group has focus on systematic work on CIP, which includes system security, information security, cyber-physical systems security, and complex technical development in CIP, system function-based resilience, proactive system incident management, and big data mining to support hidden threat identification and holistic protection strategies.

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ITEA 3 Call 4
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End-to-end Digital Integration based on Modular Simulation of Natural Human Motions

ITEA 2 Call 3
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Winner Appreciation Award 2013
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Open Platform for the Engineering of Embedded Systems

ITEA 2 Call 1
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Model-driven development of highly configurable embedded Software-intensive Systems

ITEA 1 Call 7
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Co-development with inner and Open source in Software Intensive products