ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
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Applicam, founded in 1986, is a society highly specialized in many smard card applications for the last ten years and is acknowledged as a leader in multi-services applications technology like:

  • portable file
  • one or many money purses;
  • access control information;
  • time management information;
  • etc...

Applicam activities cover several field like

  • Sports and leisure: a memory card can be used to access and pay for the different activities offered by a winter sports resort, an aquatic center or a holiday village.
  • Access control to buildings like educationnal establishments, university residences, municipal and governmental buildings, and private enterprises.
  • The multi-services city card: It allows the access, reservation and payment of services offered by a city or a public association, such: school canteen, senior citizen restaurant, nursery, pool, skating arena, tennis, shows, public library, real-time payment of parking, urban transport, reduced rate subscriptions management, statistics and business management, bus technical management.
  • The multi-services student card:It manages a portable file, allows access to meeting rooms and residence, pays for canteen meals, vending machines, photocopies, commercial laundry machines, etc...
  • Events management: control access to specific zones according to special rights, restaurant and lodgings management, specific information on events management, etc...
  • Petrol payment company cards

Applicam acts as an integrator and as a manufacturer (according to its customer needs, the society has develop many terminals).

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Winner ITEA Award of Excellence Fast exploitation 2013
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