ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor

We are an autonomous Luxembourgish applied research establishment. As an essential link between research and society as a whole, our mission is to sustainably reinforce the economic competitiveness of companies and the fabric of society at a national, regional and European level. We position ourselves as an RTO (Research & Technology Organisation) and since 2007 have been members of the European Association of RTOs (EARTO – European Association of Research and Technology Organisations).

A large proportion of the funding for our activities is acquired through sustainable partnerships with private actors and public organisations. These resources are supplemented by a state budgetary allocation, which allows us to realise our activities independently. Our budget for 2012 amounts to almost 43 million Euros.

As of 1st January 2012, we have 469 employees of 36 different nationalities.

On January 1st, 2015, CRPs Henri Tudor and Gabriel Lippmann have merged to become the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). More info on

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ITEA 2 Call 4


Adaptive Content Delivery Cluster

ITEA 2 Call 1
Winner Achievement Awards Silver 2010
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Collaborative Aggregated Multimedia for Digital Home

ITEA 2 Call 1


Emplyment/management of services/applications in a distributed home environment

ITEA 1 Call 8


Content Analysis & Networked Technologies towards Advanced and Tailored Assistance.

ITEA 1 Call 8


Trusted Security Platform.

ITEA 1 Call 7


Exploitation of advanced AV content protocols (MPEG 4/7)

ITEA 1 Call 5

Jules Verne

Addressing the issues of matching the capabilities of the interactive digital broadcast industry for