ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


ICT-Norway is Norway's largest IT organisation with more than 350 company members, all within the ICT industry. It comprises all sectors of the Norwegian ICT industry, including hard­ware, software, telecom, multimedia, and services. ICT-Norway has among its goals to strengthen the growth in the ICT sector. ICT-Norway is working actively to enable creativity and innovation and to strengthen the competitiveness in the ICT sector. To this end ICT-Norway organises and takes part in national and international R&D projects in co-operation with universities, research institutes and member companies. ICT-Norway has a long tradition of organising both national and international R&D projects on behalf of its members.



(Extracted from FPP of OPEES, edited and approved by Fredrik Syversen on 2013-01-29)

Small and Medium sized Enterprise
Alt Norway


ITEA 2 Call 3
Winner Appreciation Award 2013
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Open Platform for the Engineering of Embedded Systems

ITEA 2 Call 3


VERification-oriented & component-based model Driven Engineering for real-time embedded systems

ITEA 2 Call 1


Model-driven development of highly configurable embedded Software-intensive Systems

ITEA 1 Call 7


Co-development with inner and Open source in Software Intensive products

ITEA 1 Call 7


Open Source Infrastructure for Run-time Integration of Services

ITEA 1 Call 5


FAct-based Maturity through Institutionalisation Lessons-learned and Involved Exploration of System-

ITEA 1 Call 3


From Concept to Application in System-Family Engineering