ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation


Dosisoft is a spin-off of the Gustave Roussy Institut (IGR) and Curie Institut (IC). In 2002, the company has been awarded by the French Ministry of Research a prize for the creation of a young innovative company. Its status as a limited company sets its activities in the transfer of technology, enhancement of research and development of computer software for medical imaging, in particular for the treatment of cancer by radiation therapy. Dosisoft is involved in many projects:

  • Developing software for dose calculation in the treatment of cancer with protons in the Cancéropôle of the Ile de France region
  • TELEDOS RNTL (2006-2008), along with Bull, the CEA/LIST and 4 cancer centres, which is aimed at performing a remote dose calculation with the Monte Carlo method on a super calculator cluster
  • INCa project, concerning the dose calculation for the prevention of second cancer induction
  • OCELLE RNTL (2007-2008), with Thales, CEA and CNRS, for the use of the Cell chip for accelerating the dose calculation with the Monte Carlo method.
  • In RNTS POROS Robotics (2008-2010), Dosisoft develops software for communication between the Treatment Planning System and automatic positioning of the patient.

Since 2007 Dosisoft has been a project leader of MINIARA (2007-2010), promoted by the competitiveness cluster Medicen Paris Region. This project brings together 12 industrial companies, research and care centers to develop a third generation multimodal imaging console.

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