ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 03 Mar 2017

Turkcell Teknoloji CEO highlights importance ITEA project CAP

Since 2008, Turkcell Teknoloji has been participating in ITEA projects and in May 2011, they joined the ITEA Board. Up to 2017, Turkcell participated in 10 (completed or still running) ITEA projects, three of which they led; DEMWatch, Ewatch and CAP.

The CAP (Collaborative Analytics Platform) project, which ran successfully from November 2013 until October 2016, included 27 partners from 6 countries. The project focussed on developing an open cloud-based Big Data analytics platform that facilitates producing business and industry intelligence from data on public and private clouds, for future predictions.

The CEO of Turkcell Teknoloji, Kaan Terzioğlu, highlights the importance of the CAP project in the Turkish daily newspaper Akşam: “One of the best examples of our international collaborations is the Collaborative Analytical Platform project we have been leading in ITEA," said Terzioğlu, who emphasised the importance of not only national but also international collaborations in R&D centers. "We see Turkcell Teknoloji as an R&D innovation center not only of Turkcell but of Turkey. At Turkcell we continuously work to develop and to produce next generation communication technologies so that Turkey will be one of the authority countries on value added of high technology products."

About Turkcell Teknoloji
Turkcell Teknoloji has been established in April 2007 as a 100% Turkcell subsidiary in TÜBITAK Marmara Research Center Technological Free Zone, Turkey. Turkcell is a GSM Network Operator with more than 30 million subscribers and used to accommodate a research and development group within the company. This group expanded and diversified within the years and finally got positioned as a stand-alone R&D company to provide solutions for mobile operators all over the world.


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