ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 25 Jan 2021

The ITEA Cyber Security Day 2021 confirmed the relevance of the cyber security topic

The ITEA Cyber Security Day 2021 confirmed the relevance of the cyber security topic

On 15 January ITEA organised the ITEA Cyber Security Day. This webinar gathered Cyber Security customers and Cyber Security-relevant project (partner)s to share challenges, innovative ideas and experiences to improve cyber security and overcome challenges in the industry.

In the first session, representatives of AVL List, Rennes Métropole, Siemens, Signify and Turkcell gave important insights in the painpoints that exist related to cyber security in their domain. The second session gathered the project leaders of 5 running or recently completed ITEA cyber security projects, sharing the latest innovations developed, while the third session gave the floor to 5 Project Outlines of our running Call for projects. These projects got the opportunity to present their project proposals to the participants and discuss them in the Q&A.

The main take away of the event is that with the digital transition, critical systems of our economy and society face more and more cyber security challenges. Just to mention some of them: new IoT devices create new vulnerabilities, value chain integration asks for collaborative cyber security approaches, real-time monitoring of complex systems becomes out of reach for human operators, and regulation compliance in an international context is an important industrial concern. The ITEA community is a relevant ecosystem to develop solutions to these challenges and has already tackled some of the problems with important projects to protect industrial assets. This effort is to be continued as new issues appear with the trends towards more interconnected systems and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

Finally, the day was also dedicated to informing the participants about the purpose and benefits of the ITEA Cyber Security Advisory Board. With nearly 100 registrations coming from 16 countries, the online event clearly showed the relevance of the cyber security topic.

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