ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 12 Nov 2018

ITEA contributed to the birth of BOB Assistant

EUREKA Event with ITEA Industry

We are pleased to introduce to you, BOB, a personal maintenance assistant created by ITEA partner Éolane in cooperation with CARTESIAM. BOB Assistant is the first solution using sensors embedding artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance. Once fixed on a machine in a factory, no wiring or configuration needed, BOB will carefully learn and analyse the vibrations and warn before a problem impacts the production line.

BOB is communicating using the standard LoRa™ protocol: perfectly adapted to IOT, long distance communication and extra low power consumption. Éolane’s participation in the ITEA projects CareWare and WATER-M enabled notably the design and development of a RF electronic design using LoRa™ technology to communicate and very much optimised in power consumption and RF performance as well as the development of a robust and simple LoRa gateway. These elements were key technological bricks which allowed the unique service and performances of BOB Assistant.

Key industrials players such as EDF and Veolia are already using BOB Assistant for the maintenance of their equipment.

“…the solution was deployed on 3 Veolia sites in Germany for a period of 6 months and we were pleasantly surprised by its ease of implementation and the immediate added value perceived by our maintenance teams. Constantly having a dozen of expert “assistants” who listen, analyze our equipment and alert us before any problems are triggered, has brought great serenity to our maintenance teams without changing any of our current processes…”
- Boris Lejean, Director of Innovation Veolia Germany (source:

ITEA Vice-chairman Philippe Letellier highlights: “This Éolane reflex sensor is an exciting fast exploitation of ITEA projects in the Smart Industry domain. It opens the door to predictive maintenance and, associated to the digital twin approach, to an enhanced command and control of our plants for more efficiency and quality. Europe pushes its advantage through innovation."

More information:
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