ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
Published on 16 May 2017 · EUREKA Innovation Week, Barcelona, 16 May

ITEA 2 project ADAX wins EUREKA Innovation Award 2017

For the second year in a row, an ITEA project has won one of the three prestigious EUREKA Innovation Awards. This year, ITEA 2 project ADAX won the EUREKA Innovation Award 2017 in the category ‘Competitiveness’ during the EUREKA Innovation week in Barcelona (15-19 May). ADAX project leader Adrien Philippe Bécue of Airbus Cybersecurity pitched the project during the plenary Innovation Award session in the morning of 16 May.

In the morning of 16 May, the ITEA 2 project ADAX was announced as the winner of the EUREKA Innovation Award 2017 in the category ‘Competitiveness’. A winning project was announced for each of the three categories ‘Competitiveness’, ‘Added Value’ and ‘Innovators of tomorrow’.

ADAX EUREKA Innovation Award

The ITEA 2 ADAX project (January 2013 – April 2015) aimed at developing advanced capabilities for cyber-Attack Detection And Countermeasures Simulation. The consortium was comprised of 8 partners from France and Turkey including 2 large enterprises, 4 SMEs and 2 academics. Airbus Cybersecurity acted as Project Coordinator while Yapi Kredi Bank acted as pilot end user. ADAX delivered a set of key innovations improving prevention, detection, decision support, countermeasure enforcement and knowledge management to support security operation on complex and critical IT infrastructures. Key developments deriving from the project have resulted in successful exploitation with e.g. more than 12 direct customer contracts and several future applications in security monitoring for Smart Critical Buildings, Smart Grids and Factories of the Future.

Adrien Bécue, ADAX project leader and Head of Research & Technology at Airbus Cybersecurity: “The ADAX project was unique because it addressed Cybersecurity in a cost-effective manner proposing optimised counter-measures to face known and unknown threats under budget and time constraints. Involvement of the customer Yapi Credi drove us from the start to a solution that would by design fit the market. The continuous and constructive mentoring of ITEA, from project idea to exploitation, with its business impact-driven approach helped us to reach the full potential of the project.”

Zeynep Sarilar, ITEA Chairwoman: “We are proud of ADAX winning the EUREKA Innovation Award 2017. ADAX excelled in both innovation and exploitation of their results. Cybersecurity is a very current topic with a global impact that covers all application domains like fintech, aerospace, manufacturing, mobility, energy, health, etc. Therefore we expect ADAX to have an even more far-reaching success."


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