ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
25 November 2023 · Source: Evalan · Download PDF

The Fast Track to Software Innovation – ITEA

ITEA creates ecosystems of large technology companies, knowledge institutes and SME’s, across European borders, and facilitates software innovations.

We congratulate ITEA on its 25th anniversary and we are proud to be one of the companies mentioned in the publication “The Fast Track to Software Innovation” that ITEA issued in honor of this anniversary.

ITEA projects are collaborations between large technology companies, knowledge institutes and SME’s, across European borders. These teams work together on specific technological challenges, while each participant focuses on its own products and services. ITEA creates ecosystems and facilitates software innovations that emphasize topics like:

Software contributes to more than half of the 17 United Nations’ sustainable development goals. These weigh heavily in the themes that ITEA encourages, which it balances with the interests of participants to grow their own business with project results.

Evalan has participated in three of ITEA’s projects, and has coordinated one of them. That project received an ITEA Excellence Award in 2017. One example of the technologies that we developed during these projects is our Digital Twin software. This is now one of the central building blocks of BACE, our IoT solution. A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a real-world asset. It enables a user to track this asset remotely and better understand the specific details that matter for the use case objectives: the state of a machine, the pattern of a set of sensor values, the conditions of a patient at home, the loading of an energy grid, or whatever else the user may be interested in.

Creating the connections between real world assets and the digital space is at the core of the “Internet of Things”, IoT. These connections are built with software. We believe that these connections need to be secure, future proof, scalable, with standardized interfaces and fit for world-wide use, such that they can be implemented in applications that add value for users and society. Which is exactly why we participate in ITEA’s projects.

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